Friday, May 22, 2009

Pick a Movie

Last weekend, we decided to watch a movie. I asked the boys to "pick a movie." Jay points to my chest and says, "I pick this boobie."

Speed Demons

The boys have a Mustang Power Wheels. The other day, Jay said he wanted it to go faster. I hadn't yet taken out the screw that lets it go into fast gear. Since he now knows how to steer the car, I obliged and took out the screw. He took off driving around the block with Owen. I struggled to keep up. They got too far ahead and my calls to them to stop went unheeded. They made it around the block and started around a second time. I caught a glimpse of them at the top of the street. Jay was "idling" while Owen was out of the car running up to a neighbors door. I yelled for Jay to wait. I hear, "Hurry Owen! Here comes mommy." Owen runs across the yard, jumps in the car and they are off again. I turn around and go the opposite direction and eventually catch up to them as they come around the block. Jay is banned from driving the car for a month.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Potty Trained

The boys are potty trained. No more diapers. Yahoo!!!!!!!!


I asked Owen the other day why he kept coming into mommy's bed to sleep. He said, "So I can give you lots of hugs." That boy knows how to play the game.

Let's Skate

The boys wanted to make their own ice skating rink in my kitchen. They dumped sugar all over the floor and were "skating" in it.

Swimming and Hockey

It is not easy finding sports that 3 year olds can play and enjoy. The boys took swimming lessons and hated it. I couldn't even watch them swim because if they saw me they would start to cry. I would go out into the lobby and put a magazine in front of my face and peek over the top every now and then. We did this for 2 sessions then I needed a break. Towards the end I was finally able to be in the same room with them without them freaking out. I next tried ice hockey. They had to learn how to skate using a tot cart first but now they can get around without one but try convincing them of that. The boys don't like hockey either. Actually, they don't like the coaches. I guess big guys on skates are pretty scary. They do like to skate with Michelle and I. We are all learning to skate together. Michelle is the only one who can't skate without holding on to something and even that is a challenge. I think she is going to take lessons. We go to family skate night at the rink for extra practice for the boys. The boys have one more week of hockey then they are done for a while. They don't have enough skills right now to join a team. But I think we will keep up with the skating.


Jay and Owen

A Nose Ring and a Tutu

Yesterday Owen asked if he could get a nose ring. He is three. Where do they get these ideas? Then at hockey practice, the coach said no tot carts. The coach told the kids that carts were for figure skaters and if you don't have figure skates and a tutu you couldn't get one. The boys wear figure skates at hockey practice because that is what the rental skates are. Owen started crying that he wanted a tutu.