Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Boys Were Two Steps Ahead

This past Sunday was a bit crazy with the boys. They seemed to be two steps ahead of us all day. We took them out to the mattress store to get mattresses for the new beds we bought them. I got tired of them taking the toddler beds apart and dragging the mattresses all over the house. At the mattress store, while I was paying for the mattresses, they jumped from bed to bed, then took all the price tags off the furniture and put them all on one dresser. Next it was on to Target to buy boots. Owen lost his jacket which luckily was found again. Jay thought it was fun to play hide-n-seek. I ended up chasing him all over the store. Not too bad so far but it gets worse. At home, we went across the street to check out a recently refurbished house now on the market. As we were leaving the boys just ran out of the house and across the street by themselves without looking. It is a good thing we don't get many cars on our street. When they reached the driveway, they scooped caulk out of the freshly caulked driveway cracks and smeared it all over my car. While I was washing Jay's hands, Owen got a hold of some stickers and stuck them all over my coffee table. I sent him to his room and found him playing in my room. Again he is sent to his room and manages to take apart a VHS cabinet and has tapes all over the floor. Owen puts them back when I tell him too but of course none are in the right cases. My mom called and while I was talking to her on the phone, Owen went into the bathroom to wash his hands. I go in to check on him and he has managed to get soap suds on the walls, toilet, mirror, door, tub, and floor. I send them both to their room and clean the bathroom. Their bedroom door is shut which means that they are probably naked at this point. I open the door to their room and there is a trail of poop across the floor (probably about 6 piles) Owen is squatting and Jay is next to him saying, "Owen, poop here next!" I just stood there waiting for the stroke I thought I might have. They will be 3 years old, 3 weeks from today. I hope I make it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Your a Genius

Owen: Mommy, your a genius.
Me: Thank you Owen.
Owen: No Mommy!
Me: No what Owen.
Owen: Your a genius.
Me: Do you know what "genius" means?
Owen: Yes, it means you are bad.
Me: No it doesn't. It means you are very smart.
Owen: No it doesn't!
Me: Yes it does.
Owen: No Mommy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Books

The boys don't sleep at night. They play instead. In an effort to discourage playing at night we removed all the toys from the boys room except for some stuffed animals and their books. With the ingenuity that twin two-year-olds possess, they removed the books from the book shelves, removed the shelves, propped them up against their beds and used them as slides. This is a picture of the aftermath of destruction.