Saturday, July 30, 2011

In the Deep Freeze

I came down stairs to check on the boys. I do that whenever they get quiet. I followed their hushed voices into our storage room to find Owen standing in the deep freezer. I yelled at him to get out. I looked into the freezer and found it caked with mud. I asked Owen where the mud came from. Jay said, "Owen's shoes." Owen said, "The cat." According to Owen, the cat was hot so he put him in the freezer to cool him off. The mud did come from Owen's shoes and on a more careful inspection I found cat hair also embedded in the ice of the freezer. No animals were harmed in the making of this blog entry.

Nothing Is Safe From a Five-Year-Old

Owen likes to draw. Usually his canvas is paper but sometimes he chooses the wall, floor, carpet, clothing, or furniture. The other day he showed me his latest creation... on the ceiling! He stacked up boxes of toys, scaled the stack with the skills of a mountain climber/ 5 year-old daredevil, and drew on the white ceiling with a red pencil. I might not have even noticed for quite a while but he was so proud of his art work that he tattled on himself.

Down the Stairs

Owen climbed into this tub and Jay assisted him in rolling down the stairs in it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Team of Thieves

Over the past month or so, the boys have developed sticky fingers. They've come home from day care and play dates with stolen goods. I've found wooden play food, Pokemon cards, a Nintendo stylus, $2.08 in change, cars, a toy gun, magnets, play money, a makeup compact, blocks, a sword, and a foam letter J just to name a few items. They have told me they rescued some toys from being left outside without their owner. Other times they have left a worthless trinket in exchange for a coveted toy but without informing the owner. If one boy is without pockets to hide his stolen treasures, he will ask his brother to put them in his pants pockets. They truly are quite a team of thieves.

It Sounds Like What?

Me: Quiet, I heard something.
Owen: Mommy, did it sound like an Indian playing a flute?
Me: huh?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He Ties

I took Jay shopping for new sneakers June 25. He picked out a pair with laces. I told him he would have to learn how to tie his shoes. He didn't back down. I showed him how to tie his shoes when we got home. Within 15 minutes he was doing it by himself without any help at all. Now if only I can get his brother interested.

Another Name Change

Owen: Does it cost a lot of money to change your name?
Me: I don't know how much it costs. But we can just call you the new name if you like.
Owen: I want you to call me Goldamark.
Me: Are you sure you're done with the name Spencer?

When They Sleep

Two sleeping boys and 68 hotwheels in a single bed.