Sunday, August 30, 2009

One of those mornings

Owen wet the bed, changed his pants and crawled into bed with me. Owen hasn't wet the bed in months. Jay comes into my room and wakes us up. He wet the bed too and is soaked from head to toe. I get up to clean him up and get him dressed. When helping Owen get dressed I discover that when he changed his pants, he kept on the wet underwear. I check their beds next and find everything soaked except the pillows. I gather up their bedding and head for the laundry when I discover the dog has gotten into the trash and has scattered it everywhere. While picking up the trash I find another present the dog left for me, poop on the floor. I guess I'll be spending my Sunday doing laundry.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"This Is Why You Shouldn't Give Me Popcorn!"

We had just finished dinner and sat in the living room to watch tv when Owen started coughing and crying. I asked what was wrong and he said, "This is why you shouldn't give me popcorn." He then pointed to his ear. I asked him what he did and he said he put a popcorn seed in his ear. When my efforts to get it out failed, I took him to the emergency room with Jay tagging along. Owen has been to the emergency room many times for asthma. We have always had good experiences with the emergency room staff in the past but not last night. The nurse practitioner was very nice but the nurse was just rude. The only time she said anything to us was to tell me that the boys needed to be quiet because there were sick people in the hospital. I told her this is as quiet as two 3 year olds get when they are tired, upset, and cooped up for 2 hours with nothing to do. When the popcorn kernel was finally removed with a lot of screaming and even some blood, the nurse had me sign some papers then told us we could leave. She disappeared quickly and we were left to find our way out of that maze of an ER. As we passed some occupied rooms, Jay declared rather loudly, "Owen, I saw a dead guy!" When we got home, I got the boys ready for bed. Jay wanted to sleep with his stuffed Tigger that he got on a recent trip to Chicago. Owen informed Jay, "You can't sleep with tigger tonight because he's dead." I assured Jay that Tigger was not dead. In case you are keeping track, Jay stuck a foam letter up his nose. Owen has swallowed a penny, swallowed prescription medication (not his), and now has stuck a popcorn kernel in his ear.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Ducks Do When It Rains.

In case you were wondering, Jay offers this explanation for what ducks do when it rains. "When it rains, ducks go under water so they don't get wet."

That's two.

Owen and the power wheels strike again. Owen ran over the neighbor boy with the power wheels. Owen is not getting his license now until he is about 30.

You Stress Me Out!

The boys started at a new sitter's house August 3. Their previous sitter, who lives in the neighborhood, is moving soon to Des Moines (3 hrs away). They seem to be adjusting okay. The new sitter told me that Owen said to her, "You are stressing me out!" She told him that she is the one supposed to be stressed out not him. I almost feel like a used car salesperson whenever I subject my kids to a new sitter, hoping that she doesn't discover their little idiosyncrasies before I peel rubber down the street.