Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Owen's Shopping List

Jay's Bad Grade

Jay thought he had gotten a bad grade on a paper he brought home from school.  So, before anyone could see it, he quickly erased his name and wrote his brothers name on it. That was pretty clever of the boy except he didn't have to go to all that trouble.  What Jay thought was  a bad grade was actually the letters "OK!"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Jacket

Me:  I'm going to get you a suit Owen.
Owen:  A suit with a jacket?
Me:  Yes a black suit with a jacket and pants.
Owen: Yay!
Jay:  Oh, I want a jacket too.
Me:  You want a jacket too?
Jay:  Yeah, a motorcycle one.


Jay had scabs on his knee from a nasty case of road rash.  Both boys were sitting in the top bunk of their bunk beds when Owen crawled over Jay and brushed against his scab. Jay has zero tolerance for pain and freaks out at the sight of blood but I discovered there was another reason for his tears.  Jay says, between sobs, "Mommy, Owen took my scab and won't give it back."

Looking Out for Brother

Owen:  Mommy did you know that Jay fell and scraped his knee and candy fell out of his mouth and the only way he'll get over it is if he gets Pokemons.

Talking About Hair

Owen:  I have two people with red hair in my class.
Jay:  I have five blondies in my class.

Five Dollars

The boys each received five dollars in an Easter card from Grandma.  Owen hands me his and says, "Put mine in the bank so I have money for college."  Jay hangs on tightly to his and says, "I'm saving mine to buy a wii."

A Proposal and Marriage

Owen placed this ring on his finger and declared us married.

Attack of the Killer Moths

The boys spotted a moth in their room at bedtime and went into panic mode.  They both refused to go into their room or sleep in their own beds.  I told them a moth would not hurt them but they insisted it could fly down their throat while they were sleeping and choke them.  The moth was located and disposed of but the boys still refused to enter their room stating that there could be other bugs in there.  Nothing I said could convince them they were safe from bugs.  Jay had a complete meltdown.  I finally caved in and let them sleep in my bed.