Monday, February 9, 2009

Cooking with Twins

My boys love to cook. I have learned to keep them away from the stove. Once I had Owen help me make Rice Crispy Treats. His job was to dump the marshmallows into the pot. He was kneeling on a stool by the stove and I gave him the lecture on not touching the stove, burners, or pot because they were hot. He began to dump the marshmallows into the pot and a few dropped onto the gas stove below the burner. Owen went to reach for them and I swatted his hand away and in the process, knocked him off the stool onto the floor. Now they are no longer under any circumstances allowed within 5 ft of the stove when I am cooking.

I make cookies with them because it is something that can be made mostly away from the oven, they are simple to make, taste good, and they have enough steps to occupy the boys and not so many to try my nerves. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make snicker doodles with the boys. I left the butter on the counter to soften. Owen took the butter and used it to draw all over the glass sliding door. He had to clean the door of course, not a real punishment since he likes to clean everything but his toys. Owen called the cookies, "sneaker poodles." Jay called them "those sneaker cookies"

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

The boys have started to identify people by gender. Last night they were busy naming the people they know and stating whether they were a boy or girl. I asked Owen what the difference between boys and girls was and he said, " Girls have really big swing sets with lots of swings and a slide."