Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jay and Owen Rate the Movies

We took the boys to see "Up." Owen gives it a thumbs down. "I don't ever want to see this movie again." He shouted this out in the middle of the movie. It was good for a few laughs from the audience. It was just too scary for him. Jay gives the movie a thumbs up. "I like it. I want some popcorn."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Owen Swallowed a Penny

Owen started coughing and crying. I knew he had a penny and I asked him if he swallowed it. He said no. I asked where his penny was. He said it was in his piggy bank. His piggy bank is not accessible to him since he was caught throwing it around the room. He admitted he swallowed it. He was crying and saying he was sorry. I asked him why he swallowed it. He said, "Because I got tired of holding it." He was upset because now he doesn't have any money anymore. I told him he'll get it back in a couple days.