Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second Day of School for Owen

Owen made it to the second day of school before we got the call from his teacher. Owen had been standing in line. When it was his turn to move forward he didn't. The boy behind him tried to go around and may or may not have bumped Owen. Owen responded by blowing him a raspberry. His punishment at school was a missed recess which he was not concerned about since in kindergarten they get 3 recesses.

Hair Cut

Owen gave himself a hair cut. He removed his bangs and created two bald spots above each ear. Michelle fixed it the next day by buzzing his head with the clippers. He was so upset that he cried until he vomited. Then he sounded wheezy afterwards so he was given a nebulizer treatment. He also felt warm so he got a dose of ibuprofen as well. I hope his hair grows back before school pictures. I also hope he is done cutting his own hair.

First Day of School for Jay

Jay started his first day of kindergarten on August 15, 2011. His teacher is out for the first few weeks on medical leave so he started out with a substitute teacher. He was very nervous to talk to the new kids. It was a chaotic drop off in the morning since Owen and Jay's teachers lined up on opposite sides of the parking lot.

First Day of School for Owen

Owen started his first day of kindergarten on August 15, 2011. At recess, he fell off the play gym but suffered only a small scrape. The lunchroom cook called home to say that the corndog he ordered at lunch had soy in it, which he is allergic to. I gave her permission to give it to him since the type of soy in the corndog has not produced a reaction in him before. He was upset when he got home that the teacher had given him someone else's folder. He was very excited about a bus shaped cake his teacher had baked. He said it was the best part of his day. Then I read a letter his teacher sent home apologizing about putting almond extract in the cake. Owen is allergic to all nuts. She did not let him have a piece.

Night Fright

The boys do not like bedtime and because of this neither do I. They come out of their room often after being put to bed to tell me their "scary thoughts."

Jay: "I can't stop thinking about dead things."
Me: "Why can't you?"
Jay: "Because I can't stop uncontrolling my mind."

Owen: "I'm scared I might be buried alive near a pipe and a snake might come out."

Testing Boundaries

I have been trying to give the boys more independence. They have been trusted to stay in the yard with me checking on them every 10-15 minutes. The couple of weeks before school started, they decided to test the boundaries. They asked to go to a neighbors house and were given permission. The neighbor was not home so they returned and asked to visit another neighbor and again were granted permission. After 10-15 minutes I went to check on the boys. They were not at the neighbors, instead I found them playing in the creek across the street behind a row of houses. They were both soaked. Owen had pockets stuffed with rocks and each boy had a dollar bill. Apparently, they had sold some rocks but neither boy could tell me who it was that they sold the rocks to. After that they were no longer trusted to be out of doors without very close supervision. A couple of days later, Michelle took the boys out to do yard work. I warned her to not let them out of her sight but somehow Owen managed to slip away. I got a call from a friend who lives on the next block. She told me that Owen showed up at her door to tell her that he was going away for a long time. By the time she grabbed the phone to call me he at taken off again. We soon found him heading towards home. He said he just wanted to tell her about our vacation that we would be taking in a couple of months.


The boys and I watched a huge bouquet of balloons descend from the sky and drop into the neighbors back yard. The boys were out the door in their pj's before I could stop them. They ran to the neighbors house and asked if they could have the balloons that landed in his yard. He told them they could. They were so excited!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Owen jumped off the couch into a pile of stuffed animals. Unfortunately, he had left an open 3 ring binder at the bottom of the pile. He ended up gouging his leg just below the knee. It was only a small gouge about an inch in length but Owen was convinced he was going to die from it. After he calmed down and was well enough to play, he got into a fight over a puzzle with his brother. Jay ended up cutting Owen's other knee with a puzzle piece. This time though, Jay did all the crying when I used one of his Star Wars bandaids to fix Owen's knee.


I woke up Sunday morning and found Owen cleaning my kitchen with a sponge and a bottle of blue food coloring.


The boys made zombies out of rubber stretchy toys by cutting off their heads, arms, and legs. By the appearance of the guns, I would assume the zombies are armed and dangerous.


The boys attended their first baseball game (minor league) July 28. The Davenport River Bandits played the Peoria Chiefs. Owen loved climbing on top of the dugout. Both boys seemed more interested in playing on the playground equipment and bouncy houses and eating cotton candy and hotdogs than watching the game. We left during the seventh inning. The Bandits won 3-1 by scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the ninth.