Friday, November 18, 2011

Owen Ties His Shoes

October 15th was the date that Owen learned to tie his shoes. He fought learning for so long but it only took him a couple tries to get it once he decided it was time.

I Am So Mad...

Owen: I am so mad I could kick two boxes and a dresser.

Iron Man Pooh

We got a free trial weekend of Epix in October. I told the boys that Iron Man 2 was going to be on if they wanted to watch it. Owen asked, "Is that the movie where Winnie-the-Pooh wears an Iron Man suit?" My response was, "Huh?" Owen explained, "You said Iron Man Pooh was coming on." The boy must have had too much Disney World.


One of Jay's souvenirs from Disney World is a stuffed Wheezy from Toys Story 2. It squeaks when you squeeze his belly. We were taking turns squeaking him when Jay got upset. He yelled, "Stop squeaking! You'll use up the batteries." I guess he didn't know that not all toys that make noise need batteries to do so.

The Maid

While in Disney World, the boys each got a lightsaber from the gift shop at their favorite ride, Star Tours. One night while we were in the hotel room, I told the boys pick their lightsabers up off the floor so the maid doesn't step on them and break them. Owen asked, "Why, does she wear spiky shoes?"

The Bunk Beds

We took our first big family vacation to Disney World September 17. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The boys loved the bunk beds but Owen was too frightened to sleep on the top bunk. He thought he might fall out by the ladder opening at the foot of the bed. Jay slept on the top bunk each night. After some kid (not mine) pulled a fire alarm in the hotel and we had to evacuate at 9:30 pm one night, Owen refused to sleep in the bunk bed at all, so I got the bottom bunk.