Saturday, July 25, 2009

Places You Shouldn't Pour Water....

In the air purifier especially while it is plugged in.

Don't Run Over Your Brother

Jay and Owen took the Power Wheels Mustang out for a drive. They drove around the block stopping frequently for me to catch up. As they rounded a corner, however, I lost sight of them. They got a little ahead of me. I could hear them though. They were yelling and screaming at each other. When I rounded the corner I could see that they had the car backed into a light pole and were beating each other up while still sitting in the car. I pulled Jay out of the car and told Owen to drive it home because they were not going to be allowed to drive it for a while. Jay didn't want Owen to drive the car so he stood in front of the car. Owen hit the power pedal and ran his brother right over. When I asked Owen why he would do that, he told me that Jay was in the way. I may not let him drive until he is 25! Jay suffered a scratch to his leg where the wheel ran over him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In May, we built a raised bed garden and planted tomatoes and peppers. We are starting to get produce now. The boys are so excited to pick tomatoes that they don't even wait until they turn red. I found about a dozen green ones tossed around the yard so far.

It's the FBI

Do You Like My Tatoo Mommy?

The Bunny Can't Hear.

Jay and Owen got into a fight the other day. They were admiring their foam rabbits they made at Easter time when Owen grabbed Jay's rabbit and bit off an ear and spit it on the ground. Jay got mad and retaliated by biting off the ear of Owen's rabbit and spitting it on the ground. Then Owen bit off another ear followed by Jay biting off an ear. I ended it then.