Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Diagnosis is....

Jay came running out of his room last night to tell me that his belly was making noises. I asked him if he was hungry. He said no. I asked him if he burped. He thought about it then said yes. Then he said it made noise again. I didn't hear anything and thought the boy might be hallucinating. I picked him up and put him on my lap and he hiccuped. I told him he had the hiccups. With much excitement in his voice, he declared that he needed to go to the doctor. I explained to him that the hiccups will go away on their own and he doesn't need to go to the doctor. I told him that when he was very little and still in my tummy, he used to get hiccups all the time. I miss that.

Monday, January 12, 2009

He Can Be Sweet Too.

The boys were fighting over a toy the other day. Owen had it first and Jay wanted it. I called Jay over to me and picked him up and started hugging and kissing on him. Owen is very jealous of any attention that I show Jay. Owen walked over to us and offered Jay the toy thinking that Jay would leave me for the toy. Instead Jay says, "Okay Owen I'll get it when I'm done hugging my mommy." He actually chose me over his toy. He can be so sweet sometimes.

Don't Make Him Mad

Jay got mad when I told him he could not play with my hand lotion and ripped the door off my coffee table. He didn't break it at the hinges. He actually broke the wood. If he is capable of this at 3 years of age, what does the future hold?